dermatology  general / special


Dermatology includes a great variety of different medical conditions of the skin. Making the correct diagnosis and finding an customized and personalized therapy is my responsibility as your medical specialist.

As your dermatologist I am committed to setting up  a treatment concept for skin disease such as acne, atopic dermatitis / eczema, psoriasis, viral herpes disease, lyme’s disease / borreliosis, nail fungus, warts or eczema as well as redness of the skin (e.g. rosacea).


Many dermatologic disease are from an aesthetical poit of view very burdensome . Especially acne develops in younger adolescent years and can be very stigmatizing. Timely therapy in adjustment to the specific symptoms is key achieving a clear and beautiful skin.

Once acne-scars have occured, I can offer effective treatments to improve and ease those unpleasent blemishes.

In addition i offer a very effective treatment of Molluscum contagiosum in children. Ususally a single treatment is sufficent to achieve a complete clearance from the bothersome lesions.


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