aesthetic dermatology

A great variety of different procedures and techniques can be used to preserve and also enhance the vitality of your skin. I can help you achieve your goal of a beautiful skin with the following methods:


  • fruit acid / salicylic acid  / glycolic acid: used for superficial wrinkles and acne ; helps create a fresh and vital skin with little down time
  • TCA – trichloroacetic acid: used for superfical wrinkles, benign pigment spots, scar tissue, acne and acne scars, chronic sun damage or couperosis
  • combinations: of different peels can achieve deeper penetration of the agent with higher therapeutic activity


  • botulinumtoxin-A (Botox): used to achieve a more relaxing and wrinkle free juvenile look
  • dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid: used to gently counterbalance wrinkles in the face, hands and decollete
  • mesotherapy: used to even out and tighten the skin by injection of  mild meso-fillers

spider veins / starburst varices:

  • aethoxysclerol: sclerotherapy of bothersome superficial veins, visible results within minutes of application

skin needling scars and wrinkles:

  • skin needling is an highly effective treatment method, which activates the innate physiological collagen synthesis of the skin. It works against acne scars, hypertrophic scars and superficial wrinkles
  • may be used in combination with retinol, vitamine C and hyaluronic acid to enhance the effectivness of the treatment. The substances are directly applied into the upper skin layers by the needeling system

excessive sweating:

  • botulinumtoxin-A (Botox):  get totally dry skin through inhibiting the sweat production on hands, feet, and the axilla

couperosis / redness of the face through teleangiectasia:

  • Asclepion Quadro Star – Laser: removal or significant reduction of unpleasent tiny red blood vessels or spider formations on the face



In order to achieve the optimal aesthetic result you wish for, it might be necessary to combine various treatment methods.

Let me inform you about the differnt medical procedures and methods I offer at my private practice.



Kaan Harmankaya MD.

Specialist for Dermatology & Venerology

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