Private medicine

For each consultation a medical fee will be issued, which can be paid in cash, by ATM-card  ms_brand_match_jpg_cmyk     or  by creditcard  mc_vs_accpt_h_065_gif. The bill will comprise a detailled listing of the medical services performed at the visit. The patient can than file for reumbursement with his/her (public) health insurrence. A certain partial amount of the medical fee will later be reembursed.

Certain non-medical services such as wrinkle treatments with Botulinum-Toxin or Hyalurunic acid fillers or certain forms of skin peelings or skin needeling are generally excluded from reembursement by the (public) health insurrence

your advantages:

  • personal medical care
  • sufficient time and queitness to address your wishes
  • comprehensive information on diagnosis and all possible treatment options
  • continuity in peronal medical care through close patient / doctor relationship
  • flexible office hours
  • timely appointments with a minimum of waiting time
  • interdisciplinary management of cases with specialists of others fields
  • detailled information on cost reembursment


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