How to make an appoint in my private practice….

Quick and readily avaliable appointments  as well as flexible office hours  distinguish my private practice.

To me it is important that my patients get consulted in a timely fashion WITHOUT long waiting time.

The experience and knowhow of the personel at the MedSpa Ärztezentrum will facilitate a smooth administrative process.


At my private practice I accept payment in cash, by ATM card   ms_brand_match_jpg_cmyk  or by credit card   mc_vs_accpt_h_065_gif .

contact information:

Landline: 01 532 04 79 

Mobile: 0650 20 33 932




Kaan Harmankaya MD.

Specialist for Dermatology & Venerology



Ident – Ihre Ärzte im Kinsky

Freyung 4 / 17

3rd floor

1010 Vienna




DocFinder Patients Choice Award 2016 - beliebtester Hautarzt Wien